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Why Brahmamudi matrimony?


Lord Brahma is part of the Hindu Trinity, which includes Lord Vishnu and Lord ShivaBrahma - the infinite, the source of all space time and causation, names and forms has many interesting and instructive designations.

Theologically, He is the single letter of AUM (Eka aksharam)He is uncreated creator (Swayambhu) the self born first person.

Philosophically, He is the first manifestation of one’s existence (Ahankara).

Cosmologically, He is Hiranya garbha (Golden Embryo) the ball of fire from which the Universe develops.

HE is

  1. PRAJAPATHY - Creatures are his progeny
  2. PITAMAHA - Patriarch
  3. VIDHI - Ordinator
  4. LOKESHA - Master of the Universe
  5. VISHWAKARMA - Architect of the Universe

Therefore all of us are His children. He is also the one and only one who selects suitable match for the marriage of our boys and girls, irrespective of the fact that they belong to this sect or that sect, this region or that region.


The three Knots tied in the marriage are aptly called 'BRAHMA MUDULU'. It only means that with the blessings of Lord Brahma we can surely secure a suitable match, for happy married life.


That is why this matrimonial web site is designed and dedicated to all those young boys and girls who wish to have blessings of Lord Brahma to get married and is in search of good alliances.


We provide high importance to your personal information. We avoid spam profiles in the process of your profile match.

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It's just that you register and select your plan. You can easily access full information of all the profiles.

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Seeing you find your perfect match is our major goal. We provide continuous online chat support to help you.

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We offer different types of search options: You can find your perfect match by using their Id, age, gender etc.

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With just one click you can share your profile with interested ones. We provide their direct contact details so that you can directly approach them.

Large User Base

We are the leading matrimony in the state for vishwabrahmana community. We have larger user database where you can find your perfect match.


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  • “Best matrimony for vishwabrahmin community. We met on brahmamudi.com and started knowing our interests. We felt good and now we are a happy couple.”

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